Ruukki's ultra-high-strength steels


Celicini RUUKKIRuukki is the multi-national company from Finland, manufacturing special ultra-high-strength structural steels with surface treatment. The company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel products in Nordic and Baltic countries, with almost 8.600 employees and expanded distributive and selling network in 30 countries.

Ruukki offers the ultra-high-strength Optim QC structural steels, Raex wear resistant steels and special surface treated products, as well as a wide range of energy efficient products and services in the applications such as building and mining equipment, as well as traffic industry.

Although the company is not new in the Serbian market, this is their first participation at Belgrade Fair, through their Hungarian subsidiary.

At the Press Conference dedicated to the premiere participation of RUUKKI at the Technical Fair, Roman Kaiser, Ruukki Vice President and sales manager for Germany and Central and Eastern Europe, has said: „ We are responding to the increased interest of our clients by offering innovations and production of energy efficient steel solutions, reducing energy costs of the end users. The use of special Ruukki steels enable lighter steel structures, since less material is needed for the production, which in return means better load-bearing capacity, less consumption of fuel and lower emission of carbon dioxide, along with lifelong warranty of the product.

Untill 2050, the world popuilation is estimated to reach nine billion, and the consumption of energy will also be incresed to 50%. Global challenges in the rise of the population, increse of energy regulations and prices, create the need for energy efficiency, which justifies the RUUKKI production mission, as the steel is a sustainable and adjustable material which can be recycled and multiple used. known as the most recycled material in general.