UEPS Awards for the participants at the Technical Fair


Traditional UEPS Awards (Association of Serbian Market Communications) for the successful promotional appearance at the Technical Fair.

According to the Expert Jury, the awards were given to the following participants at 58th International fair of Technics and Technical Achievements:

  • NEOFYTON DOO, Novi Sad
  • KP EKO-DIM DOO, Belgrade
  • NENEL GROUP DOO, Gornji MIlanovac
  • ATB SEVER DOO, Subotica
  • RLS DOO - RENISHAW, Komenda

The UEPS Jury consisting of Mirjana Milošević, Marketing Manager RTS, Jasmina Nikolić, Client Service Director - New Moment New Ideas Company Y&R, and Ms. Marija Jeličić, New Business Director - Communis DOO, brought the decision to award the candidates according to creative solutions, functionality and construction of exhibition stand, promotional materials at exhibition stand, use of internal and external communication of the promotional Fair appearance, activities, events at exhibition stand, and participation in the Accompanying Programmes, as well as business attitude and staff’s way of communication at the exhibition stand.