Belgrade Fair helps victims of flooding


Extensive flooding which has devastaded almost all parts of Serbia may have most severely affected Obrenovac.

Evacuation of the most affected citizens from Obrenovac started in the afternoon hours on 16th May. Some 300 people, among which considerable number of children and immovable persons have been transfered by buses to Belgrade Fair.

State authorities, Red Cross, Belgrade Fair employees and others have been deployed in the evacuation of the citizens from Obrenovac who have been temporarily given shelter, food and drinks, as well as medical help.

All information referring to the evacuated persons in the Hall 11, Belgrade Fair, can be obtained at the Tel.No. 011/2655-251.

Beogradski sajam pomaze zrtvama vodene stihije Beogradski sajam pomaze zrtvama vodene stihije