11 Tips for Selling Your Stuff Online (Beginner-Friendly Ideas)

11 Tips for Selling Your Stuff Online (Beginner-Friendly Ideas)

11 Tips for Selling Your Stuff Online (Beginner-Friendly Ideas)

The fact is certain items in our various homes are rather useless. Some of us prefer to sell out items that are no longer useful while others may not be interested in such.
But whether you bought those items or you inherited them, as soon as an item becomes idle in your home, it can be a way to earn an extra income.
And thank goodness, we now have legit platforms like Mercari, Poshmark, and eBay out there that have been tested and trusted by many to be some of the top places where online selling can be done with ease.

Top 11 Tips For Selling Your Stuff Online

Without any further ado, we want to get into the topic of the day. And below are the 11 we have prepared for you:

1. Be prepared for questions

Since buyers cannot yet physically handle your property to check the things they need in it, you should be ready to face a series of questions – just as you may also ask if in that position.

2. Make a detailed description with as much information as possible

Your prospective buyers want to know about the product you are ready to sell. So if you are indeed ready, then you should compose a detailed description of the goods with all the important (necessary) information met.
This will boost your chances of making a sale online. Not everyone will be able (or willing) to ask you questions.

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3. Be ready to haggle

Some people can price down as if they were trained for it. But as an online marketer, you should be ready to persuasively convince your prospective buyer to get your item for the price in your mind.
Note that: You don’t need to haggle any further when a buyer has come to agree with a price that favors you.

4. Be aware of scams

If you notice any sign that the person who wants to buy something from you will not be making a genuine transaction with you, you should let go of the such person. Because selling to people like this can result in a significant loss on your part. Also, go to devise means to detect future scams.

5. Take high-quality photos of your item

These days when talking about fake things, people go as far as citing online marketing as an example.
Ordering something online and getting another thing that is not as good as what has been purchased is fast becoming a norm these days.

But should we blame people for using great pictures?

Well, with ‘take high-quality photos,’ I do not mean that you should upload pictures that are by no means close to what you have ‘on ground’ for sale.
The point is for you to use a nice camera, whatsoever to ensure that you take very neat and clear photos of what you sell, so it could attract the attention of potential buyers.

You should probably learn the skill of taking photographs if you already have none, or you get a professional photographer. It is essential to make your product appear enticing, although it should not be one that will mislead people into taking your product for what it is not.

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The disadvantages of using low-quality pictures can frustrate you to stop selling online. Because not only will people not make purchase orders, you may not get anyone to message you up.

This is one point you should always keep in mind as far as you still sell things online.

6. Specify your item’s condition

Most of the legit websites that help people put their things up for sale will give a specs provider for you to input the state of your item.
You are to indicate whether it has been fairly used, new, or will need the new buyer to do some workings around it.

7. Ensure your item is clean and in the condition you specified

We do not judge a book by its cover, but that is not in this case. You should make the body look good, so it can probably tell buyers what they should expect from the product. That is one reason we said earlier that you need to take high-quality photos of what you intend to sell.

8. Plan on how to deliver the item

This is one of the first things that should come to your mind when you think of putting your stuff online for sale. Moreover, the people who will make the purchase are not interested in the picture you posted.
So whether you will be reaching the goods to them through the air or whatever is left to you.

9. Use your social media handles to promote your sales

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One more thing. It is important to start within your circle, regardless of its size.
And there is never a limit to what one can achieve on the internet, as a good user of the platform.
So ensure to start by promoting your sales through the use of your social media handles.
A distant friend may be interested in buying what you want to sell, or the friends of your friends, who are therefore somewhat related to you may like the things you want to sell. And looking at the relationship between you, there will be a lower chance of being scammed, and probably you wouldn’t have to ship the product too far to reach the buyer’s destination.

10. Be Responsive

Wherever you are selling your item, please try to be responsive. You don’t have to appear eager for a sale, but at least keep track of your messages, and don’t keep them laying in your inbox awaiting responses for too long.

11. Figure out what it is worth

And what happens when you think your product is what it is not? Well, your expectations will grow higher than supposed, which can be a red flag in online marketing.
Try to know the exact worth of whatever it is you want to sell, to help you know the price tag.
One way to be sure of the worth of your stuff is by visiting the internet, eBay for instance, to know how many products like yours were sold in the past.

I hope you find our 11 tips for selling your stuff online, which are beginner-friendly ideas, helpful?!

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