20 Jobs That Provide Free Housing

20 Jobs That Provide Free Housing

20 Jobs That Provide Free Housing

It may be rare to get a job that provides free housing, but that does not pronounce it impossible. There are for real, a number of jobs that you could do and be offered a free house to live in. Most of these jobs are generally known to provide free housing regardless of the location – so do not think it is limited to specific parts of the world or whatever.

1. Agricultural Worker

If you work on farmland or even poultry, you will have to stay around your workplace to take good care of whatever job you have been assigned to do, thence the chances of your employers giving you a free house to live in are high.

2. Camp Cook

Are you good as a cook? If yes, then you want to consider this job as one of the jobs that will get you free housing during your days at the camp. How long your free house offer will last solely depends on how long the camp program has been scheduled to last.
If it would be lasting for no longer than three months, for instance, you can be sure that you will not stay for over that period of time, unless on rare occasions.

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3. Ranch Hand

If you know about racing cattle, then you can just take up a job as a cattleman or so.
Jobs like this will offer you free housing for the best of the job.

4. Hotel Employee

It is not a piece of breaking news that hotel employees are often given free housing due to the nature of their jobs, but you need to be reminded.
If you can cope with the tight schedule a hotel job may cost you, then you just have it as one of the best choices.
In addition to this, you should know that most hotel jobs can be very draining, requiring you to work for about 12 hours or more – full-time jobs. What will be the best thing for you to do is seek to know the exact nature of your job before taking it up.
At least, you may have more chances of sitting as a receptionist.

5. Live-in Nanny
6. National park employee
7. Live-in Caregiver
8. Security Guard

Simply come to think of what will be of the house(s) or organizations a security guard is watching over if he does not live around them. This is to tell that one of the jobs that can certainly provide one with the offer of free housing is working as a security guard.
Unless he/she lives close by, employers would like to provide security guards with a house, especially within the workplace.

9. Property Management

Caretakers of houses are property managers who are required to live around the property for its proper safety.

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10. Personal Chef

Personal chefs work as cooks in houses and so they get a room to live in, within the house of their employers.

11. Military

We all know free housing is one of the things you enjoy as military personnel since you are working for the government and the protection of the residents of any given country.
But then I do not think this is more like a job one can just wake up to start doing or decide to do.
Most people who are in the military were not moved by things like this. You must be passionate about discipline to be interested in stuff like this, so you may not consider this.

12. Teaching English Abroad

If you get a job like this as an English literate, then you are probably one of the luckiest people in the universe.
Unlike some other jobs on this list, this will most likely come with peace of mind. At least, one would not be expected to teach students at night or attend a staff meeting in the middle of the night.
Be the best you can be and take up a job as an English teacher in a foreign country. Another advantage that comes with this is exposure to a new environment.

13. Doctors (Without Border)
14. Civil Engineering
15. International Educator
16. Employee on Cruise Ship

Every work on the ship will determine you to stay long away from the land. Meaning you will have to live on the ship for some time.
So working as an employee on a cruise ship can be another rewarding job you can go for.

17. Self-storage Employee

18. Residence Advisor

As one who advises residents of a house, you will also need to live with the people. For this reason, your employer can give you a house within the vicinity or at the max, rent it out to you at a very cheap price.
You will be more like the caretaker or steward of the house when you are employed to be a residence advisor.

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19. Butler
20. Building Superintendent

As a building supervisor, you will also be given a free house to live in for the time you will be spending to ensure the success of the job given.
Looking at the origin of this word, then you are most likely to get this job only when you stay in the United States or countries like Canada.
When it’s a contract job though other countries like Nigeria may practice this.

I want you to take note of something. Before going to take up a job that provides you with free housing, you must first expect the disadvantages that will come along with it.
One such heartbreaking disadvantage may be working under the pressure of your employers.
No job (provided you do it for someone) comes without pressure. But you can expect more from jobs that make housing provisions.

In conclusion

This may also depend on organizations. Some organizations that one even thought less of may provide you the offer of free housing, depending on your deal or the nature of the service you will be required to render.
Therefore another way to find jobs that provide free housing is to make inquiries before applying for any job – you never can tell.

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