How to Increase Freelance Rates for Clients

How to Increase Freelance Rates for Clients

How to Increase Freelance Rates for Clients

Getting hired can be very enjoyable until you find out you are being paid lower than you are supposed to charge. For several reasons, which you are expected to know for yourself, you may want to demand an increase in your payment rate, at one point or the other.

But then you can be sure the chances of being able to convince your client to increase your payment can be very low if you don’t know how to go about it. For this reason, you are here to examine how to increase the Freelance rate for clients.

Following this article carefully and in the end, you must have learned how this works, including the things you are advised to run away from in the process.

The following are the things you should put in place to have your clients increase your rate, upon a request.

Without any further ado, I would be sharing with you five of the tactics you have to employ.

1. Providing a notice period

It is essential that you let your client(s) know beforehand that you can no longer work with the usual rate and that the only way to keep you with them is by planning for a better payment in the coming months.

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The surprising thing is that most freelancers do the exact opposite of this, thereby waiting for clients to have outstanding work with them before announcing.
You are not supposed to do this for any reason unless you don’t care about losing the client in question.

Some individuals or companies need to make plans ahead before tempering their organization’s money.

2. Take advantage of Value-adds

This is one of the ways to make your clients see the reasons why they should not lose you in their team. Render some help that will cost you almost nothing, to make them get into you.
Letting you go will not be all that easy when your clients are already enjoying the whole of your services.
For instance, after writing an article for a client, you offer him/her pictures that could fit the article and probably help to watermark the images with your client’s site name. Just an instance, remember, there are many other little things you can do to win an employer’s mind.

With this help, which will only cost you a little time, your client will be convinced you are the best person he needs for the job you are assigned to do.
If after effecting this you come up with your rate increment notice, you are most likely to get approval.

3. Ensure you are Trusted

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved,” according to George Macdonald. You may be thinking otherwise before now because love is so highly rated in today’s world.
But the fact is trust is always greater. There will usually be a long-lasting work relationship between an employer and his employee when trust exists. And vise versa; if otherwise.

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You must have done different things that will make your clients trust you to a reasonable extent.

4. Do not demand much

Regardless of how long you have notified your clients about the rate increment, if your rate is not increasing reasonably you can be sure your chances of success are only on a margin.
It is not advisable that freelancers double their payment rate at a go. Your clients will surely not be ready for something like this,
so you want to stay away from it.

Not even a company will implement an action like this without losing a sizeable number of customers to competing organizations.
The simple thing you should keep in mind as regards this is that your rate may be the reason your clients are interested and keen to you for their jobs.

5. Have a backup plan

What they call option ‘B’ should always be there. The reason is that you never can tell, your client may choose to stop you from working with him or her.
In view of this, you should also understand your employers for who they are.

If you leave out anything on our list, it should not be this, for your good.
Heartbreak does not only come in romantic relationships – you may also experience it when you unexpectedly get a contract terminated by your employer. This can be very much painful especially if you have a flexible mind.

Nonetheless, there are high chances your request would be successful if you put all the tips on our list into action, including this.

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Other Things You Should Keep In Mind

Aside from keeping to the tips above, there are a few other things you want to understand about your clients and this topic as a whole. This part of the article is more like the section on “dons.”

1. Do not try this if you are still new to an employer

Remember we said you should have tried your possible best to ensure that your clients see you as the best for your position? This means you may be getting it all wrong if you tell a client who has not worked with you for long that you want your payment rate to be increased.

The chances of the person seeing you as a rapacious being will be indeed high, just like you may also think if you are in that position.

2. Wait for a contract renewal

In case you are currently working on a contract, you are advised to get done with the job before you walk up to your client to discuss an issue like this.
Keeping to this will help to make the process peaceful and get it fulfilled more easily.
Not only can your request be rejected, but you may also end up on a bad term with your client if you come up with this in the middle of a contract.

In conclusion, one of the greatest tips here states that you should let your client know your worth in his business. Another point you don’t want to forget is having a backup plan.

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